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Flow like a river

The new single is out now

After more than ten years of "silence," now I have something to say. The world has gone crazy, yet I see our lives getting worse and better at the same time. What we can do with this limited life situation depends only on our perspective. It is up to us, to increase our conscious awareness, and to turn to our true desires. We need to find the best version of ourselves and dare to dream again. This song is about that. To remain innocent in this crazy world. Play it by heart and just “Flow like a river”
Music Video

Flow like a river

The video was made in Tulum, Mexico, before the world have turned upside down. Every time I saw something beautiful, I took off with my little drone and flew untill the battery was dead it. It felt like I was flying too, as if I was rising above my thoughts, through this change of perspective. Freedom was so natural, then I could not guess that soon everything was about to change. This period teaches me many things. I’ve always loved being alone, but now that it’s almost mandatory, I miss my friends, the hugs, the time we spent together. Today I know, that we only exist in relation to each other. It is important to recognize that in our deepest esence we are all One.

My only instrumental album


My last album was inspired by the most flexible genre of electronic music, psytrance. This psychedelic world, and the friendly hippie audience evoked the vibe of the 70s. Only the music has changed. A lot. I loved being a part of it , I loved that I could add something too. That's why this instrumental album was made. With the XYU project, we got the chance to play at Ozora, at Budapest Park with Infected Mushroom, at Playa Luna and we even made our own festival in Mexico, Tulum, called D.O.O.T, (Day Out Of Time) I hope we will dance again soon!

Ozora Festival


D.O.O.T. Festival


Ozora Festival


Simply the best rock album ever.
For many of us at least.

Jack Jack

We came up with the idea, to create a band from the best rock&roll musicians we know. But we knew that supergroups could execute the original bands, so on the first day we decided to split up after a single album, So that’s what we did. We broke up after a year, but peacefully, with joy and love. Very rare if you think about it. We are still friends, after 10 years.

Rock & Roll

Jack Jack - The Movie

We made this movie for fun. We love this so much, and we know you love it too. Thanks for your comments on youtube. Will there ever be Jack Jack 2? Well, You never know ...

Lead Vocal - Guitar : Tamas Mester
Lead Vocal - Bass: Szabi Papp
Solo Guitar : Tibi Tóth
Drums: Zolee Ganxsta

Directed : “Indian” András Galler

Videos of my past life

By Tamas Mester - Director : Paul Boyd

Crazy ’bout you 3:55

An impro song with my TV show hosts friends.

India 4:56

By Tamas Mester – TV2 Megasztar

Let’s just run now 3:32